Maya asks what is “metabolic nutrition”?
You lose at least as much muscle as fat when you skip breakfast or don’t eat after hard exercise, countering the benefits of fasting and creating the biggest nutrition mistake of those attempting to lose weight or get fit.
Chef Pachi & Dr. Clyde discuss how to overcome the most common mistake with nutrition, which is how to protect your lean tissue to maintain fitness and weight loss by having a “protect lean tissue” (PLT) snack upon waking.
Maya asks why there are food groups
Why are there food groups part 1
Why are there food groups part 2
Talking with my older brother Talus, we discuss the new craze for using semaglitude (Ozempic, Wegovy, Rybelsus) for weight los, which comes with several serious potential medical side effects. The negative side effect specific to it backfiring for weight loss is that it has the Yo-Yo dieting side effect common with eating too little: muscle loss and therefore greater weight gain afterwards.
Maya asks why we don’t eat when we need food the most